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Boys Ryder Cup

It all came down to the last match on the last hole to determine the winner of the inaugural Woodlands Boys Ryder Cup. The last day was comprised of 12 singles matches between the Red & Green team. The boys all wore team colors to distinguish between the teams, and the competition was fierce. When all was said and done, it came down to Red team Captain & Senior Will Arend, and Green Team Senior Ricardo Lopez to decide the overall winner. Arend was 4 up with 4 to play, but Lopez fought back hard and won 3 in a row. The stage was set, Arend was 1 up with 1 hole to play, the lengthy par 5 #9 on the Deacon course. Both boys hit great tee shots, as well as their layup shots. Arend was the first to play his 3rd shot into the green as he hit a wedge to within 15 feet. Not to be outdone, Lopez hit his 3rd shot just inside Arend's. Arend was the first to go, but his put just slide by the hole on the low side. Lopez then stepped up and hit his putt. As it tracked towards the middle of the hole and got to within a foot, you could feel the emotions start to come out of his teammates, but it just slid by on the left hand side. Both par putts were conceded, and the full point went to the Red team, which made them the overall champion. This was an amazing 4 day competition, and I am so proud of the boys. Congratulations to both teams for all your hard work and effort.    

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